How did you get the name?

I get asked this every few weeks in the clinic, and I realize it deserves an answer.

One afternoon, after a particularly trying day working at my old clinic job, my Husband Joel asked me what I would name my (future) clinic. Without a hint of hesitation or conscious thought, my mouth opened, and the answer tumbled out: Phoenix Rising Family Medicine.

"Why?" he asked.

"The Phoenix embodies life transformation, new beginnings, and second chances... and that's what I want my clinic to represent. I want to partner with people who are ready to leave behind their old lives - old habits, old thinking, old barriers - and be willing to embark on a new journey together towards health & wellness."

It takes courage, resilience, and the ability to accept each new day as it comes. Leave behind the failures, embrace the redo's, and get ready to try new things. If you want a vibrant life, healthy blood work, improved mobility and endurance, joy, satisfaction, and the energy to live the life you love, then prepare to be challenged and uncomfortable -- it's the only path to get, not only what you want, but what you truly need. I'll be there supporting you each step of the journey.

#microclinics #holistichealthcare

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