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One day, while in my graduate program, I had a moment. It was... huge.... the life changing kind. The kind where you wonder if you've made a mistake and you will soon be swallowed up in a void of debt, despair, and identity loss (maybe not in that exact order... or maybe exactly in that order). It was a sunny summer evening after my clinical practicum day came to a close. I was stumbling out of the clinic -- my mind felt like it had just experienced the devastation of a nuclear blast - my provider had seen something close to 20 patients that day. I couldn't remember a single name. Maybe there was a foot guy.... someone with hypertension... and back pain. Yep. That was it. My 8 hour day boiled down to a foot guy, hypertensive human, and miserable back pain someone. I can't do this! What was I thinking?! How does anyone do this?! I started to quickly and frantically devise my out:

  1. I came down with a sudden case of (fill in the blank) and was unable to continue my studies... indefinitely.

  2. Urgently needed in another state... shoot! - much of my studies could be done online... wifi is everywhere... except...

  3. Abducted and deposited on an uninhabited island for a new government research study to determine how to turn an ordinary woman into (fill in the blank)! Nope, tad too unrealistic -- and of course I had my family to consider.

That left me with my only option: Determination (some might say, stubbornness) and imagination (dreamer). Determined and imaginative, or a stubborn dreamer... either way! I had renewed purpose. Back to the vision of me stumbling out of the clinic into the blazing hot parking lot...

... My determination returned from it's 10 minute sabbatical and I realized something... and this something, well... it was the game changer. Modern primary care, for lack of a better, more professional descriptor, sucks. That was it. My moment. So now what? This life path I've been on since the age of 12 ... was it all over? Enter imagination... and of course determination (which decided sabbaticals were overrated, at least for now). If our current model for primary care medicine did indeed, suck, then I suppose I would just have to find another model. Or create my own. The reality is actually a combination of the two. Welcome to the new and improved ideal primary care practice model! Also referred to as micro-practice. Read more about this from the article in the Statesman Journal highlighting clinics in our Salem area with this model of care. Phoenix Rising Family Medicine even gets a bit of a shout out! Enjoy the read!

Warmly, and in Health & Healing,

Dani Dupuis, NP-C

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