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Around 460-470 B.C the health and wellness of humankind was forever changed thanks to the masterful observation of a Greek man named Hippocrates. With his inquisitive nature, Hippocrates developed the foundation for today's artful, scientific, and professional world of medicine.

It would take centuries of inquiry, observation, trial and error, and experimentation but slowly Hippocrates' form of Grecian medicine would (through adaptation and growth) take the world by storm and manifest into what developed countries know and experience today as modern day medicine.

There have been many key players worthy of admiration for their contribution to the transformation of health and healing over the centuries. One man stands out among others - not because of an ingenious invention, but because of an accident - his incidental finding of a very special mold nearly 100 years ago.

In September of 1928 a London man named Alexander Fleming changed the world when he discovered a surprise growing in his lab after being gone on vacation. Many years, experiments, and scientists later, the world was introduced to an improved version of his original discovery: the wonder drug Penicillin. Medicine and healing would never be the same.

You may be asking yourself "why the history lesson, Dani?" The reason is this: Our lives have been completely transformed by medicine in a very short period of time. In my opinion, it is still in its infancy. We have much to learn, and while we do I can't help but be concerned. There are dangerous patterns and behaviors we have adopted as a society which are causing profound destruction to our health. Not just the health of individuals either. Our society as a whole is suffering. Over the past 100 years we have forgotten the foundational components to living a healthy and well balanced life. In part the general public cannot be to blame - at least not entirely - we were introduced to so many quick solutions for our ailments - and those solutions came to us in the form of small seemingly harmless pills.

Thanks to pharmaceutical company promises to increased quality of life by simply swallowing a pill (or several) - our society (in all its rapid paced glory) happily adopted the quick and easy solution to "cure" our "dis"-eased states of living. We quickly forgot about the vital importance of nutrition (pass the veggies and hold the pesticides, please), moderation (hello big Mac), honoring ourselves (what do you do for daily self care), making time for play (when was your last vacation, stay-cation, or otherwise pleasant pastime - coloring, perhaps, or reading a book for enjoyment), showing gratitude to others (family dinners and cell phones off), and what about nature? When was the last time any of us admired and showed gratitude for the world around us - a world of color and vibrancy, the sound of ocean waves, the smell of pine and sage. Most importantly - do we connect with a power greater than ourselves? Do we seek and discover wonder and growth on a spiritual level? We used to. We incorporated all of it - for a holistic approach to our wellbeing.

Disregarding this holistic approach to healing is a grave mistake and it is one that I hope I am able to, in some small way (in the least), or some profound and fabulous way, help our society to rectify.

Please don't misunderstand. I am not opposed to western medicine as a means of eradicating, modifying, or alleviating illness or distress. I just don't believe it is the only way, nor is it always the best way. I am a firm believer that Prevention is the most effective as well as the most neglected component of thriving in health and wellness.

My goal and vision is to be able to spend time with each and every one of you. To listen to your story, honor your experience, and together create an individualized plan to meet your health and wellness goals. The plan may very likely include some element of western medicine, but not exclusively. I will support and challenge you to look beyond a pill as the only path to achieving your health and wellness goals.

I look forward to partnering with each of you.

In health and wellness,

Dani Dupuis, NP-C

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