February 24, 2019

I get asked this every few weeks in the clinic, and I realize it deserves an answer.  

One afternoon, after a particularly trying day working at my old clinic job, my Husband Joel asked me what I would name my (future) clinic.  Without a hint of hesitation or conscious thought, my mouth opened, and the answer tumbled out: Phoenix Rising Family Medicine.

"Why?" he asked. 

"The Phoenix embodies life transformation, new beginnings, and second chances... and that's what I want my clinic to represent.  I want to partner with people who are ready to leave behind their old lives - old habits, old thinking, old barriers - and be willing to embark on a new journey together towards health & wellness."

It takes courage...

February 22, 2017

One day, while in my graduate program, I had a moment.  It was... huge.... the life changing kind.   The kind where you wonder if you've made a mistake and you will soon be swallowed up in a void of debt, despair, and identity loss (maybe not in that exact order... or maybe exactly in that order).  It was a sunny summer evening after my clinical practicum day came to a close. I was stumbling out of the clinic -- my mind felt like it had just experienced the devastation of a nuclear blast - my provider had seen something close to 20 patients that day.  I couldn't remember a single name.  Maybe there was a foot guy.... someone with hypertension... and back pain.  Yep.  That was it.  My 8 hour day boiled down to a foot guy, hyperte...

February 10, 2017

Around 460-470 B.C the health and wellness of humankind was forever changed thanks to the masterful observation of a Greek man named Hippocrates.  With his inquisitive nature, Hippocrates developed the foundation for today's artful, scientific, and professional world of medicine.   

It would take centuries of inquiry, observation, trial and error, and experimentation but slowly Hippocrates' form of Grecian medicine would (through adaptation and growth) take the world by storm and manifest into what developed countries know and experience today as modern day medicine.

There have been many key players worthy of admiration for their contribution to the transformation of health and healing...

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